Marble Fox

Marble Fox



Every one of my natural wood tags are hand crafted from start to finish.  I believe that your tag should be a unique piece of art so I hand engrave and/or paint each tag.  There are no stamps, stencils or laser engraved processes used.  Tags are finished with a sealant to provide water resistance and extra durability.  Tags are sold as shown. Due to the unique hand engraved process, tags will vary slightly from the photo. I try to match each design as close to the original as possible. Each piece of wood is also unique and another type of wood may be used in the same size. Please be conscious of this when ordering.   




Every tag listed has it's approximate size listed at the bottom of the product photo.  When shopping, make sure to pick a size appropiate tag for your pet.  If you would like a design on a different sized tag you can contact us.  All custom sizing must be approved first.  I will send the tag as shown in it's approximate size unless customized (pending approval first).




Tags are sold as shown unless a request for customization has been approved first.  I do offer customization requests when time permits and if the request is possible.  Do not order a tag and add custom notes to your order without an approval.  If you do, your tag will be made and shipped as shown in photo.

Examples of customizations:

  • Different name placement
  • A varation of design
  • Different colors
  • Adding or deleting details from design
  • Adding addtional text to or in place of phone number 


Additional charges may apply.  These additional charges will be quoted to you if your request is approved.  Payment must be made before your tag will begin processing.  Once payment is submitted, no changes or refunds will be allowed.  Please be specific in your request.  Akita Handmade is not responsible for buyer errors or miscommunications.  To submit a request, go to the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


*Akita Handmade is not responsbile for any injuries, accidents or loss that may occur.  By purchasing these prodcuts you are agreeing to assume all liability.  Do not leave pets unattended with products.  Tags are not indestructable and pets should never be allowed to chew on them.  Do not use tags or tag rings to secure leashes.*