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Product Care Instructions

All of my products are built to go on even your messiest adventures.  It is important to take proper care of your products.  Remember to never machine wash or dry any of your Akita Handmade products.



Collars and fabric handles are all made out of canvas material making them durable and stain resistant.  Whenever your collar or handle need to be cleaned, just hand wash them in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.  After washing, remember to lay them flat to dry and not in direct sunlight.  Do not use heat to dry your products.



Full biothane leashes and interchangeable leash bodies are made from biothane.  Biothane is a very strong easy to clean material.  To clean, wash them in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.


Wood tags are sealed to ensure water resistance and extra durability.  Please note that wood is not indestructible and tags should never be left alone with your pet.  Do not allow your pet or other pets to chew on their tag.  Most debris and dirt will rinse off with just water.  If you do wash your tag, remember to use a gentle/mild detergent.

*All shipments will come with this information printed on a care card.*

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